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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yamadaya - Torrance, CA

whenever you see pork belly on a menu, it should be a no brainer. why would you even think about ordering  anything else? it's the best tasting part on the best tasting animal!!

it's like starting a hot girl list and not starting it with jessica alba or minka kelly.

this place specializes in tonkotsu (pork soup base) style ramen, so if you're looking for a choice of miso, shio or some other stuff, i'd suggest going to another place.

of the ramen selection they have, my personal pick would be the kakuni pork tonkotsu ramen.

and honestly, it was good, but only ok. a 7.7/10. i'd give the santouka special pork a 32/10. it wasn't super melt in your mouth delicious, but they give you a lot in your serving. A LOT. and it's good once it's sitting in hot broth and softens up a little bit. but yeah, it should be a lot more tender.

the noodle portion was ginormous (one of the largest i've seen), the firmness was perfect....and well i'm going to stop now because this is sounding really gay.

there's other variations of their signature ramen i want to try in the future, but i would highly recommend coming to yamadaya for a quick bite if you're driving on the 405 through torrance or if you want to see me eating by myself.

TLDR version: not the best ramen, but hits the spot if you want a quick bowl of ramen!

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Kung Food Panda said...

I personally preferred the yamadaya ramen, but the kakuni was quite the porky goodness. When I lived in Torrance, I loved Santouka and Shin Sen Gumi.

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