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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sorrentino's - San Diego, CA

i love a good cheesesteak. do you ever go to a place that has a huge menu, but you love one thing so much that you never change it up? this is how i feel about sorrentinos. everytime im in sd i make it a point to eat here - on my list of top things i miss about san diego - this is probably top 3. the cheesesteak itself is huge, longer than a footlong, with tons of meat, cheese, onions and green peppers (if thats your thing, i get it without). whether or not they make their own bread or order it, the bread is absolutely the x-factor that makes this sandwich that much better.

i know some people prefer a grease-through-the-bag cheesesteak, this is not that, the meat isnt minced up and it isnt as gooey - but personally i like it better that way.

how many times have you craved pizza but didnt want to have an entire pizza and have leftovers for days? never? me neither, i love pizza. but if im visiting and i dont have a refrigerator pizza by the slice is the answer. pizza by the slice places are a little harder to come by on the west coast it seems and sbarro is not really whats hot right now. slices run for about $1.25 here and they'll throw it back in the oven so its nice and hot.

overall this is a spot i would go to frequently back in college - good value, good food. the owner even started giving me 20% off because he realized i was coming in so much. they have lunch specials (half sub + soup/salad) for cheap, ive never tried their pastas but the other sandwiches are really good as well.

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