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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lawry's - Beverly Hills, CA

lawry's is the in-n-out of fine dining restaurants. how are you a successful establishment with about 5 items on your menu? those 5 items are really freaking good. you basically come here for the prime rib, pick a size, pick some sides, and you're good to go - just like in-n-out, get a burger, how many patties, donezo. no staring at the menu for 15 minutes wondering whats good. i've been here one time and someone asked for the chicken, im not saying ordering chicken here is stupid, but its like driving on the freeway and going 50 mph. nobody does it, people will stare at you, and people will judge you. just sayin. go to el pollo loco or kfc. btw, they dont have chicken here anyways.

lawry's is all about the prime rib. they have about 5 different sizes, regular is a good portion, diamond comes with a bone, and the beef bowl is an absolute monster in size.

do u like lobster? yes, of course, who doesnt. probably people who drive 50mph on the freeway dont. add on two tails for about $20. deal of a lifetime. i will add on lobster tails everyday and twice on sundays.

the prime rib comes with sides, mash potatoes and yorkshire pudding. yorkshire pudding is my absolute favorite side and always ask for extra. yorkshire is a starchy bread like thing originating in england. its light, fluffy, and perfect covered in gravy. soooo good.

+ +
yorkie + shire + pudding = yorkshire pudding = UH-MAZE-ING

lawry's is a pretty good deal, you get a salad with your prime rib with mash and yorkshire pudding. the prices are very fair, the food is delicious, and the ambiance is beautiful. the service is always consistent, mostly tableside service, and ive never had a bad experience at this place. if you sign up for their vip club, you get $25 for ever $25o you spend, not bad if you and 15 friends go here and you're the only one with a card, free $150 for me.

hopefully they dont seat you right away, in the lobby they have free meatballs and potato chips. and yep, they're bomb.

if you're at south coast plaza or la live lawry's carvery has petite cuts of their prime rib, and also a french dip style prime rib sandwich. the sandwich is a little small, but melt in your mouth delicious, if only you could add on lobster tails to the sandwich and it was wrapped in yorkshire pudding...

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weezermonkey said...

Mmm. I do enjoy Lawry's. It's been a long time.

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