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Friday, May 6, 2011

Lola - Seattle, WA

i had to try the fried donuts giada de laurentiis mentioned on 'best thing i ever ate', because well she seems very trustworthy, no?

the fried donuts......were amazing. everything i imagined and even more. you know how when you're a kid and you're super excited about christmas? you're just giddy with excitement. you're thinking....maybe a super nintendo or sega genesis, when i was dead broke, man i couldn't picture this....and then the first huge present you open is a super nintendo? and then you go even crazier?!?? yeah, it's basically like that. or like this.

you imagine these fluffy crispy light flavorful donuts and when they come out shaking in the bag and dumped onto your plate, the aroma was so exciting, i forgot to dip it in the sauces. but it was awesome none the less. as i calmed down, i ate some with the sauce and it became more amazing. whew.

so onto one of the wackier food combinations i've ever had - tom's big breakfast. strange combinations when done right are mind boggling. like peanut butter and bananas. or teal and purple. or french fries and ice cream. or jay z and linkin park. or spam, eggs and rice. or japanese and korean people. whoaaaaa racial tensions!! 

OOOOOORRRRRR a chainsaw plus a unicorn:

i present ................. CHAINICORN!!!!
tom's big breakfast is just like chainicorn. it's a wild combination of octopus, yogurt sumac, green beans, bacon and other craziness, but when all put together, it's so frackin ridackulous. i was so hesitant to spend my money on something that could've been such an utter failure, but i'm so glad i went out on a limb and tried it. so when people ask me about places to go in seattle, this is the FIRST place i recommend to people. the second is this irish restaurant called mcdonald's. they serve great fries.

TLDR version: great breakfast spot in seattle....take a chance and try tom's breakfast!

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tifany underson said...

I beg to disagree. Maybe I’m more attached and in love to Irish restaurant and its menus. Well, guess were different in this matter.

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jasmin rio said...

Taking breakfast in the garden gives you relaxation and comfort. Mostly, eating my favorite omelet and strawberry milk and bread is the best.

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Theodore Oney said...

These food looks delicious. I'm really glad you shared those pictures to us. Thanks.

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