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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Counter - Irvine, CA

who doesnt love a burger? on top of that, who doesnt love to have it their way? thats why burger king has been so successful over the years right? the counter has multiple locations, and takes the basic burger and lets you create your own or try their set burgers or burger of the month.

their basic menu looks somewhat like a test, as you build your burger from the ground up, the size, the meat, the bun, the cheese, toppings, and sauce. dont like holding it? throw it all in a bowl and eat it like a dog if thats whats hot right now (or use a fork). the sides are good to share, and the fifty fifty gives you a choice of two, my friends and i usually end up with the sweet fries (great with bbq sauce, just sayin) and onion strings.

shrimp guy's burger

beef or turkey - depending on if im in a healthy mood or not
1/3 or 2/3 - depending if im in a hungry mood or not
american cheddar - boring, i know, but im not cheese guy, im shrimp guy, in fact, im almost like anti cheese guy but more on that later
grilled onions & lettuce blend, possibly the corn salsa - standard burger stuff on the free toppings side
bacon and homemade guacamole - i opt for the guac instead of the avocado so i can use it like a spread, the avocado usually comes out thick and it basically makes my burger slide around a lot
(chili and fried egg are bomb too - of course all the good stuff cost more money!)
bbq sauce or steak sauce - if i get guac, its like my sauce
onion bun - onion bread is the greatest kind of bread out there

if you feel like splurging, the milkshakes have multiple make your own flavor combinations and are a good alternative to dessert. if they ever bring it back, they had a crab cake "burger of the month" that was absolutely delicious.

what would make the counter better? a shrimp burger - yea, like the ebi burger you can get at a japanese mcdonalds. but even still, a solid burger joint with multiple locations in socal.


jT said...

i have never seen you get turkey. i'm calling shenanigans.

kish said...


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