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Monday, May 9, 2011

Libby's - Honolulu, HI

this place serves one thing: manapuas. if you don't know what a manapua is, click here to learn more.

2 seconds after holding the manapua
3 seconds after holding the manapua
4 seconds after holding the manapua
you will not be disappointed. i guarantee it. unless you go after noon time because they run out of stuff. FAST. when we went, it was like 1 pm and all they had left was kalua pig manapua. 1 pm?!?! i thought we were early for being in hawaii. it was phenomenal, but i really wanted to try a lot of their other stuff like the black pork hash or their chicken manapua.

i in no way would say i am a bao or manapua expert, but these are by far the best meat filled buns i've ever had in the universe. the bread they use is super soft, sweet and sticky, and the amount of meat they fill it with it incredible. when you're in hawaii and planning on chillin at a beach and driving on the H1 either through or towards honolulu, pick up a dozen...even if you're by yourself. they are great at the beach, on the car ride back from the beach, as a snack late at night, for breakfast food, or any other time you want food. libby's manapuas always hit the spot. literally anywhere.

if you go to the island of oahu, please bring me back a half dozen or so of any type of manapua. surprise me. better yet, surprise me with two dozen.

TLDR version: get any sort of manapua you want....but go early!

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KEcker said...

Those look so good! I'd want to try it whenever I get back to Oahu :o)

weezermonkey said...

I agree 100% with your endorsement of the soda!

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