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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mr. Pollo - San Francisco, CA

mr. pollo is THE hidden gem amongst all hidden gems in san francisco

after seeing this place on best thing i ever ate for 'best bang for your buck', my friend insisted we try the venezuelan cuisine of mr. pollo. honestly, this is one of the coolest restaurants i've ever been to in my life. if i knew how to cook or had enough money to start a restaurant or wanted to start a restaurant, i would want to do exactly what this guy does.

this place is super tiny, but that's what makes it so unique and awesome.

go with the $15 4-course tasting menu that's customized daily by the chef. yes you read that right. $15. fifteen. dollars.

and every day it's a different menu. A DAILY DIFFERENT MENU!!! COME ON!!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!!?!?

when i read other peoples' reviews on the place, i've never really seen the same thing twice. on any course. on any day. on any plate.

so here's the breakdown of what i received in my 4 course tasting menu

- beef and potato empenada topped with random green sauce with a side of deep fried plaintains and cheese. sound a little strange? well... beef? good. potato? good. deep fried??!? GOOOOOOD. the green sauce is similar to the sauce peruvian restaurants use...if not the same one.

- chicken and avocado "salad". i can't really call it a salad since there were like 4 tiny leaves of lettuce. i also can't really complain since i really really really liked it. haha

- pork butt w/ beans and cilantro sauce. the butt was really good no homo.

- double lobster - lobster + lobster soup. it's a duo of lobster. what's not to love?!? and if you're getting lobster two ways for $ all this other stuff? please. get outta here.

so you won't get any of the same stuff, but this place is a MUST-GO-TO since it's always different, always delicious, and always an adventure.

how many places can you get all of these things? i can only think of mr. pollo.....

and yogurtland. 

TLDR version: the best value 4 course pre fix menu. EVER.

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Eftychia said...

All dishes look delicious!

Gastronomer said...

Totally paying Mr. Pollo a visit on my next trip to The Bay. What a steal! A delectable steal!

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