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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Roy's Hawaiian Fusion - Anaheim, CA

if there's a better restaurant in oc - i havent found it.

there's probably not another restaurant i go to more regularly than roy's. i always feel welcome whenever i come in, the people remember my name and the food is always amazing. i would consider roy's a fine dining establishment, but its cheaper in price than most "fine dining" places. they feature an "aloha hour" that includes $5 apps (6 kinds) and $5 drinks (the entire drink menu). for dinner, you can get a 3 course meal for $35.95 or indulge on the other tasty selections.

rim fire calamari
calamari steaks. i'm a fan of rings and tentacles but calamari steaks are where its at. its not as fishy, more flavorful, and generally just taste better. its breaded and fried and tossed with a spicy but still sweet chili sauce - and the portion size is huge. great for sharing. it also comes with kish's favorite: sauteed mushrooms.

lakanilau roll
not a lot of people know roys serves sushi. this roll is the surf and turf roll that features snow crab, avocado, tempura asparagus and wagyu beef on top. BEEF ON TOP. with truffle oil on top. truffle oil and beef? sign me up every time.

ahi tartare
i remember when i first tasted this dish. i didnt think i'd like anything about it but now theres nothing i dont love about this dish. the fish quality is amazing and the tartare is flavored with a garlic chipotle aioli to add some heat, maui onions to add a crunch that compliment the delicately sliced tuna.

what about butterfish doesnt sound amazing? if youve never had butterfish then youve never had melt in your mouth awesome fish. you can eat butterfish without teeth, that is how much it melts in your mouth.

the place changed it temporarily, but they used to have a sweet corn and blue crab crusted barramundi. the currently serve the same prep with mahi mahi instead but im sure they'd make it with barramundi. unlike butterfish, barramundi is a flaky fish, the crust compliments it with the crab and corn but the sun dried tomato anisette cream sauce completely sets this dish off. the dish is very savory and rich, and sets a standard for fish after you eat it. also comes with sauteed mushrooms, another kish pick.

chocolate souffle
whats not to love about a dark chocolate cake that oozes out in the middle when you cut into it. they're made to order 20 minute signature dessert will make any night have an awesome ending.

blackberry cabernet sorbet
they serve a trio of sorbets, but this is my favorite one. remember when you were a kid and saw your parents drinking wine and wondered what it taste like? this is what you thought it tasted like in popsicle like form. it has a little punch from the wine, a little tart, very fruity and most of all its a nice cleanse for the palette, even gutter palettes.

overall, stellar seafood, great service, and good value for a fine dining establishment.


kish said...

so i got the fried calamari one time at the roy's in downtown la. it was pretty awesome. but what was not awesome was that i got 6 pieces of calamari.

the one at the anaheim location was really dope. i second the review here.

it was pretty cool because the server hooked me and my homie up with a complimentary plate of it because we were ordering a gangload of food.

Maia Dobson said...

I love Roy's Hawaiian's Fusion's playful food plating because it makes me wanna grab the food right away once the waiter serve it. My favorite is the chocolate suffle because it has a distinct flavor.

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Erica White said...

Roy's Hawaiian is one of my favorite restaurants. Whenever we have a Long Island weddings food tasting, we would always recommend their Rim Fire Calamiri if the couple plans to have a beach wedding.

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