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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mr. Lee's BBQ House - Artesia, CA

10 bucks. what can that buy these days?
  • an old blu-ray movie like the rundown or friday.
  • 90% of a movie ticket
  • 2 decently sized yogurtland yogurts
  • 2 paintball grenades
  • a website domain for one year
  • a tranquility fountain for your desk
  • 10 things like pencils from the 1 spot at target.
2 gallons of gas

5 shirts!!

plants vs. zombies hd for the ipad

1 stock in wendy's/arby's

a sakshat.....errr maybe not.
so those are some pretty good things.

now would you rather have any of those.....


ALL YOU CAN EAT KOREAN BBQ. for ten bucks.

it's not only unlimited meat, but marinated salad, fantastic dipping sauces, radish and rice paper to roll around the meat, and dozens of small appetizers to change up the pace from eating just meat all night long.

some people might say ma dang sae is better, but i completely disagree. this place is more awesome because all of the side things - salad, rice paper, radish, dipping sauces are in a communal area so you can get it yourself without having to bug all the servers there.

whereas at ma dang sae or other AYCE kbbq places, service is a lot slower because you have to ask for every little thing along with your meat.

the quality of the meat is identical at both places. i bet you would not be able to tell the difference in a mind taste test.

i guarantee it.

TLDR version: $10 AYCE can you go wrong?

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Gastronomer said...

Kick ass deal! Love that you can get as much banchan as you want at the bar. What a nice touch.

kish said...

right?!?! don't really know any other place you can do that at.

Aroma y Cocina said...

It looks great and a place to be added in any travell plan.
You have an interesting blog and many interesting places and foods.


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