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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ten Ten - Anaheim, CA

ching chong bing bong! herrro prease!

i love chinese food. specifically, i love dim sum. but if i hadnt grown up eating it, being the picky eater that i am, i probably wouldnt touch it. dumpling-like things that you have no idea whats in them? and its not like the ladies pushing the cart will really tell you what it is. what if its a dumpling filled with bleu cheese and mayonnaise? but fortunately, i DID grow up eating dim sum. if you're in the anaheim area, ten ten is my favorite dim sum/chinese restaurant located right off the 5.

whats the best part about chinese food? ordering 10 dishes for the table instead of one. variety is the spice of life, chinese know this. its easy to figure out what you like because the portions are small, cheap, and you get to try a bunch of dishes instead of just one. and btw if you dont care for shrimp and pork, id run away from any dim sum place like the plague.

shrimp har gow (r is silent, rhymes with cow) - if this were mcdonalds i'd get the 20 piece mc-har gow meal no lie. i love these so much - whole shrimp steamed inside a clear dumpling skin.

ham su gok - or as i call them "footballs." pork and shrimp with veggie mixture, served inside a sticky mochi-like fried thing in the shape of a football.

not even sure if these have a chinese name. fried shrimp balls. take it from shrimp guy, legit.

shumai (shoe-my): filled with, you guessed it, pork and shrimp. whats the only problem with shumai? they put mushrooms in them, yuck.

basically one of the best dim sum places in oc, im not gonna say it tops monterey park or arcadia but if youre around the area this place is awesome, its cheap, and gets the job done. the service staff is really nice as well, if you care about that at a chinese place, where they usually are notorious for terrible service.


Jackie said...

Why am I never in Anaheim?! I should go, just for the Mc-Har gow. Looks amazing, thanks for giving me one reason to acctually want to travel to the OC.

Anita said...

I haven't been to Ten Ten in years! Maybe I should give them a try again!

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