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Monday, May 23, 2011

Spoon House - Torrance, CA

no idea why they call it spoon house. none.

1. they don't specialize in you don't use a spoon a lot.
2. it looks like a building, not a house.
3. even if it looked like a house and they served a lot of soups, why would you call it that?!? i don't see ruth chris being called 'fork and knife place' or tony roma's being called 'eat with your hands and then lick yo fingaz!'

haha....wait a they even have tony roma's around anymore?!? if there are some still around, can you let me know?

aside from my tangent, reviewing spoon house....

the complimentary bread is pretty average for pre-meal bread. it's really crumbly (which isn't always bad, but it's mos def bad when you don't get small bread plates), and the butter is semi-frozen, so you can't even spread it, but they give you A LOT, so that's nice.

since it's an italian place, it's got all sorts of dope pastas, but done in a japanese way.

i would recommend coming here if you are looking for something different than a traditional plate of pasta. their clams with shiitake pasta is excellent. it's got japanese spices sprinkled throughout and nori all over the top. very top notch.

normal size spoons. the mystery continues

other than that? i dunno. the napoleon pasta is pretty dope too. so is the carbonara pasta. 

so overall, this place is above average. not blow your mind phenomenal, but it's really cool because i'm going to go out on a limb and say 84% of people have never been here and it's always fun going and trying new and different restaurants that are dope.

except for indian food. 

TLDR version: solid japanese italian food. awesomely unique!!

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