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Friday, May 13, 2011

Rustic Canyon - Santa Monica, CA

this place has just broken into my top 8 hamburger restaurants of all time. it's actually closer to the top. maybe 2nd or 3rd. or 4th. maybe 5th. possibly 6th. i think it could be 7th. or even 8th. i dunno.

as far as what else is in this top 8 hamburger places, i will leave that for another time.

but what should you get at rustic canyon?

niman burger. eat. savor. it's over.

the niman burger is everything you want in a burger. it's super meaty, juicy, the other stuff between the buns are super fresh ingredients, and the bun is nice and fluffy but with a nice crunch from being lightly toasted. you'll be looking around for angels because you'll think you're in heaven.

i would really recommend going on mondays. so every day, they'll have the niman burger, but on mondays they will have two burgers that aren't always on the menu, so you can try something else. i've tried the duck confit burger which was a phenomenal burger by any standards, but the niman blew my mind.

aaaaand what makes an appearance again?!!? crispy pork belly!!!!! it's so nice and crispy here with this orange sauce to go with it.

i love rustic canyon. maybe i'll try the wine next time i go since it's technically a wine bar.

TLDR version: one of the best burgers. period.

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Gastronomer said...

You're funny! I'm subscribing to your blog ;-)

Marie said...

I have yet to try Rustic Canyon, but really must do so. Burgers and pork belly are big draws for me!

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