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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fleming's Steakhouse - Newport, CA

you go to a steakhouse for steak. its not really brain surgery. but a lot of people would look right past the appetizers and maybe even the sides and just enjoy their meat on a plate. flemings is one of my favorite steakhouses (whether im in oc or at la live before a laker game) and to me some of the gems on the menu come from the often overlooked appetizers and sides.

lobster tempura. frying usually makes regular things better. frying lobster? game over for all other fried things. its not exactly low in cholesterol, but who cares - light, crispy, flavorful and delicious. served with a sweet soy ginger sauce to give it a sweet and salty contrast or a little jalapeno pepper for some heat, somewhat expensive, but always worth it.

beef carpaccio. the first time i went to flemings the server was trying to push me on this app. i decided to not get it, but the server bought it for me and my friend anyways and ive been hooked since. thinly sliced beef tenderloin with capers, cheese, a creole mustard aioli and basil. served with manna aka cheesebread from heaven - eat them like soft tacos - roll one up homie.

onion rings. its hard to label something as "best" or favorite but i do think flemings has the best onions rings ive ever had. have you ever bit into an onion ring and the onion slides right out and your left with a ring of batter? well i was told that when they prep their onion rings that they remove the membrane from both ends of each sliced onion so when you bite into it, it breaks and wont slide - and this makes the onion rings at flemings the most time consuming prepped item on the menu. in short, no membrane = no slide = best ever.

bone-in ribeye med-rare. any questions?

if you dont feel like spending a fortune or just going lighter - flemings has a pretty awesome happy hour - 5 different apps/drinks/wines for $6 until 7. the beef carpaccio is one of the apps and its definitely a solid deal. if you go before a laker game or event at staples or la live go early, this place gets packed.


Apron Appeal said...

Your banner pictures and tag were a little less appealing than I had hoped, but I took a chance and kept reading. Everything else looks so great! Thanks for the food buzz req.

newport cigarettes said...

I love your banner, very funny! Just ate at Fleming's Steakhouse last week, I agree their Beef Carpaccio is addicting. We would be back for more.

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