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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

M & M Donuts - Anaheim, CA

2 things you need to know about m&m donuts.

1. blueberry donuts

2. 9:30 pm

that's it.

if you want to stop reading, that's ok because those are the only two things to know. but keep reading if you want to hear about how much i love this place.

m&m serves the best blueberry donuts of all time. mainly because this is the only blueberry donut i've ever had. hahahaa but they only serve them at 9:30 pm every night. 9:30......AT NIGHT!

the donuts are awesome. they aren't overly sweet. they're like light blueberry muffins with this creme brulee-esque crunchy exterior. not sure why they don't try other types of donuts.

and below is how they are served. pretty dope, huh?

several more things to note about this place.

1. you are guaranteed to hear the following. guaranteed.
  • why does this line take so long?
  • why don't they make these in the morning?
  • would it have been faster to go through drive thru?
  • once we get our donuts, should we go back through the line and sell our donuts for a profit? i bet you people would buy them so they don't have to wait.
  • these donuts better be worth the wait.
  • remember when we waited this long in line for krispy kreme donuts back in the day?
2. m&m donuts is the new asian trend.

in 2000, it was boba

in 2001, it was pc cafes/pc bangs/internet cafes

in 2004, it was guppy tea house in cerritos

in 2007, it was pinkberry/red mango/yogurtland/yogurtberry/frogurtberry/berrygurt/yogurteatery/yummygurt

in 2010 til now, it's food trucks

and now?!?!?!


just jump on the trend train and grab a blueberry donut.

3. the third and last thing to note about this place is, you will see an asian kid wearing one of these things: 

flipped up new era cap.

obnoxiously bright tank top.

frogskin shades.

OR .....

ALL AT ONCE!!!! hahahahhaha

TLDR: m&m donuts is a must try! get the blueberry donuts! you must know what everyone's talking about

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Tina said...

This post was an interesting and humorous read. It actually surprised me-by the title I was expecting candy M&M's in donuts!

KrisDub said...

It's in ANAHEIM! No fair! I'm allergic to Orange County! ;)

Gastronomer said...

Why are these babies so far from me?! Maybe I'll grab one the next time I'm at Disneyland for the day ;-)

kish said...

@tina: thanks. yeah i figured most people would think of that too. that's what i thought of when i first heard of this place

@krisdub: allergic?!!?!? how can you say that to the best county in all of...the world?! haha plus, anaheim is on the fringe of oc

@gastronomer: if you're at disneyland, you're probably going to have to miss fantasmic for these. but well worth it. you can watch the firework show when you're in the line. the entire show. hahaha

holly sarah wong said...

My friend gave me a day old one of these...maybe it was 2 days old, I dunno. It was amazing, nonetheless

Franklin from Dine Delish said...

This place is always closed!! 9:30PM you say? I will try that.

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