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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Steingarten - Los Angeles, CA

i love gastropubs. who wouldn't? when a location is pinned as a gastropub, you are going to get two things: 

1. good drinks
2. good food 

steingarten has been on my radar for a while now. and by a while, i mean 1 week. haha

for a solid gastropub, they have a solid variety of crafted beers and all of their bartenders are extremely knowledgeable to recommend one of theirs if you tell them a commercial beer you like. 

below is their schonramer, which is what i was recommended when i said i liked hoegaarden. needless to say, pretty much the

me and my friend each got a burger and split a hot dog. 

for my burger, i got the west LA burger. portobello mushrooms. roasted bell peppers. pepper jack cheese. house tomato curry sauce. very very solid burger, but not as good as the next one...

she got the golden prize burger. herb roasted tomatoes. caramelized onions. brie. roasted garlic sauce. i was sad i didn't get this burger all by myself it was so good.

and while we wanted to get the duck confit, we were told they had run out, so we settled for an elk sausage. yes....elk. haha that poor bastard never saw it coming.

the elk dog was pretty good. not nearly the best hot dog in the world, but i'm glad i got it or else i would've been wondering what that was like for at least a week. until i came back. haha

but my personal favorite thing here that i've never had anywhere else is their indian curry ketchup. slather some on your burger, eat some with some fries, this mess is awesome. i'm surprised more places or at least one other place hasn't figure out how to do this.

TLDR: great gastropub to eat and grab some drinks with friends. fair prices and the burgers are pretty stupid good.

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flourtrader said...

Sometimes the laid back casual places such as this are the perfect spot and where you have the most fun. Glad you enjoyed it..indian curry ketchup is unique, never seen or eaten it!

Elizabeth said...

Who is this "she" you're referring to in this post? I think that's what we all really want to know.

Anonymous said...

the graphix are KILLING me man...

they remind me of dragon ball z, and I really don't know why.

heard good things about both Steingarten & City Tavern. Beer pubs good. West LA not so good.

kish said...

@flour: right?!?

@elizabeth: would you stop?!? i don't think anybody cares.

@sinosoul: hahaha thanks. yeah i highly recommend coming here. and then get out because i too don't enjoy the west la area all that much. haha

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