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Friday, June 17, 2011

Babe's BBQ - Palm Desert, CA

it's bbq. who doesn't love bbq? if you're ever in the palm springs area, i'd highly suggest visiting this place. 

below is a picture of some of the stuff i got the last time i went. 

tri tip, baby back ribs, rib eye steak, hot links, cole slaw, yadda yadda yadda. their bbq stuff is over the top phenomenal, so there's nothing i can say is super different about their regular dishes other than a place like lucille's, but the three dishes beyond their awesome bbq are the following items. 

home made tamales - they make their tamales from scratch and they make them in a variety of goat cheese, chicken and pork. of the three, they all win because they're all really awesome. no other bbq place out in this area really serves tamales like these. then again, there's no other good bbq places out there.

i forgot to take a picture, and well, since i won't steal anyone else's photos, here's an artist interpretation

sweet potato fries - this place has the best sweet potato fries. hands down. no place even comes close. 

peach crisp a la mode - now typically, this dish is served as an apple crisp a la mode, but i love that it's a little bit different and the fact that they serve it in a stone pan to make the edges crispy make it all the more awesome. 

i think they should serve more things in a stone dish. much like how everything is better with bacon, the same can be said for things served in a stone dish.

hodori ftw
clap clap. clap clap clap.

TLDR: one of my favorite bbq spots. not only in the palm desert area, but of all time. great tamales and best sweet potato fries. yeah, you think you've found the best, but this place has the best sweet potato fries. EVER. 

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