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Thursday, June 9, 2011

House of Shabu Shabu - Irvine, CA

kobe bryant, 2006 playoffs game 4. kobe goes layup, then 16 ft jumper - swish, swish. what does this have to do with food? all you can eat kobe shabu shabu.

what is shabu shabu? it literally means "swish swish" and is the japanese version of "hot pot" cooking, where you take thinly sliced beef and veggies, cook them in a simmering pot, and dip it into various sauces. if some is good, more is better - here at house of shabu shabu they offer various all you can eat options. and if all you can eat kobe beef doesnt entice you - then i no longer value your opinion on anything.

i eat a lot of food, and the biggest issue i have at shabu shabu places is, its expensive and i dont get enough to eat. when its all you can eat - problem solved. and its not just shabu, but appetizers and sushi. i generally opt for special 2 and get the kobe beef, sushi, and some shrimp tempura (shrimp guy).

they'll start you off with some veggies, tofu and udon noodles, and they'll bring out your beef (or whatever meat you choose). you also get two different sauces, ponzu (citrus soy) and a goma (sesame) sauce to dip the meat. when the water is the right temperature, it literally takes about 3 sec to cook the meat so its real quick. the trick is to cook it one at a time, instead of pouring the whole plate of meat in the water - you'll overcook the heck out of the first few in there and it wont be as good.

overall a good value for all you can eat. unlike all you can eat bbq places you dont smell afterwards so thats a big plus. and if you dont mind cooking your own food it can be a fun experience.

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