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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Capital Grille - Los Angeles, CA

i came here for a happy hour even that was hosted by gourmet pigs in which everything was free! EVERYTHING. i can't thank them enough because the entire experience was quite awesome. although my experience won't be really like the vast majority that comes here since they'll be spending a lot more and eating a lot of different foods, i tribute this post to gourmet pigs.

capital grille is located within the beverly center with an awesome view (15.3 megapixel photo below), and if you dine here, you get free valet.

twas a night of sliders, and listed was the assortment of sliders that was served.

original cheeseburger slider - perfectly what a standard slider should be.

lobster roll slider - FREE LOBSTER?!?!?!?! i wanted to get like 8 more of just these, but i had to stay classy and play it cool.

beef tenderloin slider - super tender and moisty.

crabcake slider - i love crabcakes. and throw on some awesome tartar sauce?!!?? please. how can you not love it? it's a combination of all things awesome. like this. yeah how can you not love it?

TLDR: free sliders = happy blogging. happy blogging = smileyz.

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Gastronomer said...

Can't beat free! And free lobster? Damn. I should've made my way here ;-)

the actor's diet said...

that crabcake was awesome. though i think i missed some fries somewhere?

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