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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rice Things - Redondo Beach, CA

rice things is yet another awesome japanese place in the south bay that should not be passed up.

they have solid affordable combos....BUT, the best thing about this place is the crazy wide variety of items available. there's approximately 3,584,811,236 items on the menu.

don't believe me?

15 pages for a fast food menu?!!?!?!?!?!? that's unpossible!!!

the other night, here's what i got.

shumai, white fish katsu, sukiyaki beef.
looks like crap, but tastes like delicious.

if you don't like rice things which equals cheap, awesome food, then you probably don't like many other things in life.

like halo: combat evolved anniversary.

hang em high?!? overpowered pistol?! YES PLEASE!

or the lakers.

nothing about this picture isn't fully awesome
or the rock

jimmy jack jericho!
or the rock

nothing about this movie is not fully awesome

or the big bang theory

or me riding a chainicorn.

TLDR: delicious dirt cheap japanese food with a HUGE variety of items. do you know of any better or even comparable?

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