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Friday, June 10, 2011

King Taco - Long Beach, CA


i was super excited to come here. why?

super excited man! with no super powers!

a) i love mexican food
b) i love cheap mexican food
c) i've only heard good things about this place
d) it gets pretty high ratings on most sites
e) snoop dogg said this is his favorite mexican place

"yay! glee and king taco! what a fabulous tuesday evening!"
so, why am i so bleh on this place? the food wasn't cheap by any mexican fast food standard, tortillas were on the stale side, and in general the tacos were pretty whatever unless you wanted your tongue fried off, then get it with red sauce.

i got their carne asada, their al pastor, and their pollo asada tacos to get a wide variety of flavors.

horchata = delicious
.... it's....just....not.....that......good.

i wish i liked it. i really wish i did. especially from a place that has the name king in it.

unless maybe i'm doing something wrong here, please advise!

and lastly....who is the king taco?!?! why is there no awesome taco with arms and legs wearing a crown or carrying a scepter? man, they need to hire me for their marketing team.

TLDR: extremely UNDERwhelming mexican food.

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Saechang said...

The Al Pastor is good there, it actually comes off a spit. Greasy, fatty, caramelized onions... bomb. You just have to avoid the red sauce if you're not used to spicy food (not american spicy, the real stuff), because their red salsa is really hot compared to normal mexican salsa. The green sauce is money, load everything up with that.

I agree though, very overpriced for tacos. They're also known to be salsa Nazis.

kish said...

alright maybe i will try again. maybe. yeah the tacos for me needed to be greasier and just more delicious.

salsa nazis? that's one of the dumbest things to be a nazi about. hahaha

Saechang said...

Yeah... try asking for extra. They also keep all the napkins behind the counter, so I guess that makes them napkin nazis too.

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