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Monday, June 6, 2011

Kiku - Huntington Beach, CA

do i have your attention now? good.

kiku is a hidden gem of orange county for sushi. located right next to the westminster mall, it's probably the best thing near the westminster mall since tilt closed down.

if you are in the mood for some raw fish and a lot of it, this is the place to hit up.

here are my recommended items of interest at kiku:
  • garlic mixed sashimi bowl. tuna, salmon and yellowtail all swimming in a bowl of marinade. i'm not sure how much it is. maybe like $20 or so. you might think...that's kinda expensive for a bowl of sashimi and rice....but no no no. it's all sashimi!!! it's like 30+ pieces in a huge bowl like that.

  • big daddy roll. this is probably the best cut roll i've ever had. IN MY LIFE. it's that good. sad thing is, is i have no idea what's in it. 

  • amaebi - if you like sweet shrimp, i would highly recommend this. 
1. in sushi form.

2. in deep fried shrimp heads form.

  • fresh albacore - the owner sho says he doesn't have this normally on his menu, so the last time we went, we were treated to fresh albacore. super buttery, not fishy at all and insanely delicious. 

i can't really recommend this thing because he doesn't always have it, but if he does...oh man. expect to have your world rocked. 

everything takes a crazy long time to come out, but..... it's sooooooooooooooo well worth it. much like M & M donuts. except better. much better. and you don't have to see any of these people in here...

so all in all, i give kiku a huge......

TLDR: awesome sushi spot..... along with the best roll ever. 

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Gastronomer said...

You must go back and find out what is in the BEST ROLL EVER. Pretty please?

kish said...

hahahaha well some of the things include bay scallops and soft shell crab. not sure if there's some sashimi or vegetables. ummm mayo?

it's seriously that good!

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