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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Katsuya - Brentwood, CA

katsuya is a perfect blend of a really good hipster date place and a japanese restaurant.

let's go down the checklist.

really dope fusion japanese food? cheeeeck.
a decent amount of food for a decent amount of money? cheeeckaroni.
dope ambience? cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeckster.
crazy drinks? no doubt it's a check.
good service? the former sovereign state in central european - czechoslovakia

i went during dine la week with a couple of friends and we all got the prefix menu.

it was amazing. there was not even an average moment in the night. everything was above and beyond what i had expected about this place.

- crispy rice and tuna thing. in fact, two orders please. we got an extra order because this mess was so good.

i'm not even sure how to do describe how good this was. it's like how hard it is to describe how good blue streak was. you just have to experience it for yourself. seriously. in the top 18 comedies of all time.

and so after the phenomenal appetizer came our prefix meal.

1. blue crab hand roll wrapped in rice paper. i literally got the face stephon marbury got when amare stoudamire dunked on michael olowakandi.

here it is if you don't know what i'm talking about or just want to see that hilariousness again.

but yeah, that blue crab hand roll was stupid good.

2. tuna and salmon sashimi. honestly when is a side of sashimi not good?!? i'll tell you. it's a time called never. delicious.

3. miso marinated black cod. yeah. the best fish in the world. you can say all you want about ootoro, but i'll take gindara over paying $87 for two pieces of fatty tuna any day of the week. and yes, katsuya did it well. very, very well.

so yes, i got all that in the prefix, along with the standard bowl of rice, side salad and miso soup. great value for dine la....because we all know dine la isn't always the greatest deal.

but wait!

we got more!

yes, there was dessert. it was ice cream mochi, panna cotta and some fresh fruit.

great way to end this or any meal. and a very classy dessert. because well, if you look at any of my pictures or awesome mspaint pictures you'll know i'm not a very classy guy and i need some class in my life. ahhahahahahaa

i will mos def be back for next year's dine la week.

TLDR: awesome unique items at a japanese place and great for a date. kinda expensive if it's not dine la.

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Mary said...

I love the way you've reviewed your meal. If ever in the area I'll know where to eat. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. I hope you'll visit often. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

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