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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Striphouse - Manhattan, NY

not like it was necessary, but this is still the most expensive per person meal ive ever had. total bill for 2 people was well over $400 - but its pricing is very comparable to normal steakhouses we just thought itd be nice to splurge that night.

striphouse is also a chain, the closest location to cali is las vegas at the planet hollywood hotel - same menu nationwide. play at the pleasure pit while you wait for your table - whatever floats your boat.

what do i look for at a good steakhouse? to me, steaks are gonna be pretty close in quality - every one of them gets the top 1-2% of steaks, throws them in a 2000 degree broiler and there you go. done. how hard is that? ok well its a little harder than i just described, but basically steaks have a ceiling to me - they're not gonna give you a wow ive never had that before factor. they're going to give you the wow thats as good as i remember it i want it again factor. not the same.

what kind of apps do they have? seared scallops with edamame succotash and truffle corn butter. omg top scallops i love them. scallops browned on the top and bottom, juicy in the middle, sweet corn and edamame to balance it out with some truffle oil to make it smell amazo.

crab cakes. who doesnt love them? people with shellfish allergies? people with idiot disease? next time im gonna ask for it oscar style right on top of my steak for some surf and turf action.

our server told us about a ribeye for two, which is almost like a roast. most steaks are about an inch thick, this one is about 3 inches thick, and they slice it tableside vertically instead of horizontally. you end up with crunchy outsides with a nice rare center unlike any other ribeye ive ever had. (in vegas this wasnt off the menu as well). this scored a lot of points with me because it actually gave me something ive never had before (culinary goal #1: new flavors) and thus this place is one of my favorite meals ive had.

whats hot right now: ribeye for two and top scallops!

1 comment:

Gastronomer said...

Whoa! That steak looks bloody. I like 'em rare, too.

For a second there, I thought you ate at the steakhouse with strippers in NYC.

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