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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Slow Fish - Huntington Beach, CA

i felt very awkward coming in here because i met up with one of my homies who is a guy and this place is very datish. the mood lighting is very dark and well.....felt quite not heterosexual. not that there's anything wrong with that....just. felt awkward. hahahahaha

since many people just came back from mt hermon, i felt it was appropriate to create a picture that many of you males experienced at camp that was awkward.

it also felt awkward UNLIKE these two do in this picture

this picture will never die! hahahahahaha

anway, on to the review!

we split the crunchy sashimi. i would highly recommend getting this as this was my second favorite item. it's a bunch of pieces of mixed sashimi and what appears to be a similar dish of the awesome blossom at chili's, and lightly topped with some sort of miso sauce. WHEN i come back, i KNOW i'm getting this again.

next up was the appetizer trio (from left to right) - bacon wrapped asparagus, fat avo, and asian jalapeno poppers.

the asian jalapeno poppers were good, just not memorable. the jalapeno deep fried with some cream cheese and a dollop (dolop? dallop?!? dalalloppp?) of spicy tuna on top. above average. nothing more to say.

i'd recommend the bacon wrapped asparagus more as the bacon they use is like a 1/2" thick. craziness.

one thing i'm pretty sure i won't be getting again is the fat avo. conceptually it's awesome. i love that it looks like an apple, and then has completely opposite flavors. so it's basically avocado slices wrapping a ball of spicy tuna mix. so it's mushy on mushy textures. which is very VERY VEERRRRY strange.

black rice is better than white rice.

i thought i would never utter those words as if there was one food i could eat for the rest of my life it would be white rice. or chicken littles. or breakfast burritos. or portugese sausage. or mayo walnut shrimp.

sorry sorry sorry. i digress.

but honestly the black rice here is worth coming here solely for. between me and my friend we got yellowtail, salmon, tuna, mackerel, scallop, and albacore.



the fish was not only really good as it should be, but the black rice is so flavorful itself and has a very unique and interesting texture it makes for an insanely unique sushi experience.

and i am now a believer to change things from white to black. see examples below.

for dessert, me and my friend ended up splitting the deep fried tempura green tea ice cream. sadly, it wasn't as good as it sounds because the tempura part wasn't very crispy, but soggy and all had the same kinda mushy texture - similar to the fat avo. but here are some pictures anyway.

and lastly, here is a picture of me in their bathroom. it's pretty cool looking in there, but it doesn't come across in the photo. hahaahaa

TLDR: yet another PHENOMENAL hole in the wall fusion japanese restaurant in orange county. BLACK RICE!

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Wiz said...

Which cereals go best with black milk?

kish said...

cocoa pebbles.

Serviced apartments pattaya said...

Those really look amazing, I love Asian food. Thanks.

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