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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Original Pancake House - Aliso Viejo, CA

i love oph. love love love it. sure, maybe pancakes aren't exactly your thing (as they aren't really mine either...i prefer french toast much more)

their signature item is their dutch baby

lots of other places serve a dutch baby and oph's isn't much different. doughy, sweet, sprinkle some lemon and sugar on it and you're good to go. just kinda eh. i'd suggest going with something a little bit different and more awesome.

first off, i'd suggest eggs michael. a bit different than eggs benedict. below are the differences: 

eggs benedict | eggs michael 

english muffin | english muffin
slices of ham | sausage patties
poached eggs | poached eggs
hollandaise sauce | cream of mushroom

kind of awesome | REALLY AWESOME

second thing i'd suggest is their bacon pancakes. they taste exactly how you'd think. we all know things taste better with bacon, and this is just reason # 81 that shows why that is. additionally, it's thin and chewy and nice and crispy on the edges. 

i will put together MY full list of why bacon is better with everything reasons at a later date. 

there's lots of other awesome things here, but trust me, get the bacon pancakes. where else can you find them??!!?

TLDR: great breakfast spot located all throughout the orange county area. 

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