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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Scoops - Los Angeles, CA

everyone says that scoops is the best ice cream. the best. i had to know for myself. so apparently they only serve one standard flavor and every day, every other flavor changes.

it's always a surprise going in. even more of a surprise than.....

sharingan you not spoil anything for me, please?

before i even knew what i wanted the worker started handing me sample after sample after sample. it was pretty awesome. the workers aren't as energetic as the ones at mendocino farms, but it was a really hilarious experience getting that many free samples. 

brown brown bread on the left/top. vanilla, caramel, and grape nuts. yeah, it's really a plus when a place can take something that NOBODY likes (grape nuts) and turn it into something really really good. that's why i really admire any restaurant that can make cauliflower taste good. which i have yet to find because cauliflower tastes like butt.

guinness coffee on the right/bottom. yeah....tasted like both coffee and guinness. what a thought! hahahaha

last awesome thing that happened. me and my friend were the last ones in the shop and one of the workers gave me a free pint of their salted green tea. yes. a pint. sorry, this picture was taken after i had taken it home. this is the last of it. and it looks like crap.

TLDR: scoops is now in my top 4 ice cream places of all time. 

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the actor's diet said...

scoops is on my top too! also on my list - bi rite creamery in san fran

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