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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thai Gulf - Huntington Beach, CA

if you think you've found the hidden gem of all hidden gems in orange county and it doesn't rhyme with schmai schmulf, you clearly have not found the most hidden of hidden gems.

i tried to make it look like i'm typing, but it looks like i'm being creepy and peering above a table. hahaha
thai gulf is awesome. for lunch it's $6 and for dinner it's $8 for a COMPLETE meal. and by complete, i mean completely complete.

you start off with a salad and soup. yup, that's right. as part of your $6-$8 meal, you get a salad AND soup.

then you get your pre-meal appetizer. it varies from the times i've been, but usually it's something like an egg roll or a couple potstickers. regardless, it's awesome and did i mention, free!

next is your main course. you can choose any traditional thai dish (i.e. pad thai, curry, etc) and then a meat to go with. and it's not super skimpy portions, but a solid decent amount of food if you're not already full. here, i got the garlic pepper beef. red sauce is pretty dank as well.

if you go enough and the place is pretty empty, they'll also hook you up with some awesome stuff. last time i got mango sticky rice. another time i got coconut sticky rice. unfortunately, we went during lunch on a sunday and it was pretty packed.

and then at the end of your already ridiculously generous meal, you get dessert. this also varies. i've gotten different things between deep fried plantains or pineapple sorbet or a brownie. anyway you slice it, it's crazy awesome.

this is the pineapple sorbet

oh and did i mention, you get FREE UNLIMITED THAI ICED TEA. yup, you read it right.






and if that wasn't awesome enough, they will literally bring you a jar of thai iced tea to your table for you. 

yeah, your hidden gem doesn't seem like such a gem anymore, huh? all this stuff for UNDER $10

people will often ask, how does this place stay in business? here's how i think they make money.

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Steve said...

Check out Park Ave - Steaks & Chops on your next gem adventure.

They have their own garden, and the lunch menu is delicious. Dinner as well!

kish said...

will most definitely do! thanks for the tip!!!

Wiz said...

hmm...growing their own vegetables must make the dishes fresh and delicious ....but nothing beats FREE UNLIMITED THAI ICED TEA!

steve said...

wiz you fatty!

Gastronomer said...

Lol! This post cracked me up. AYCD Thai iced tea? Score!

kish said...

haha thanks! not only AYCD thai iced tea....but FAYCD!!!

Koh samui villa rental said...

I love Thai iced tea, Thank you very much for sharing this place.

Send SMS Thailand said...

Thai foods are delicious as always. The best way to end it is to have a dessert. That pineapple sorbet is a great choice!

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