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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kappo Honda - Fountain Valley, CA

one of three in my holy trinity of japanese restaurants in fountain valley. the other two being shinsengumi and tsuruhashi. its open late, has about 1000 dishes on the menu and its delicious. if you dont think its awesome then you need awesome lessons.

kappo honda is a japanese word, it means tapas. jk, but it should because thats basically how it goes down here. if you like variety, the spice of life, then you'll love kappo.


like i said, this place as about 1000 items on the menu - so what to order?
yakitori: these are grilled skewers and basically whatever you can put a stick through, they have. be careful, these are per skewer, and if youre not careful the price adds up, but if you're baller than go for it. my favorites would be the japanese beef and bacon wrapped scallops.

the rest of the menu is divided up on various cooking styles, cold, grilled, pan-fried, deep fried, etc. they have most traditional items like tempura (tempura shrimp guy), sashimi, gyoza and that type of stuff. be adventurous and try different things! most are awesome.

spinach, corn, bacon. winner of the most random and self explained delicious item on the menu. it is spinach corn and bacon sauteed and it is the only vegetable dish i will order consistently at any restaurant.

tako-yaki - what doesnt sound appetizing about octopus balls?

hire-katsu - aka pork filet katsu. im a huge katsu fan, and pork filet is the way to go

age-mochi - fried mochi in an agedashi type sauce, so good, but hard to share. hard to chew. because its mochi.

if you wanna enjoy kappo but cap off the spending - they have awesome 1 and 2 choice combos that come with salad and soup and are around $15. or you could just not eat 20 things like i do when i go here, your choice.

if its a long wait, you can always order take out and say your last name is "uchizono" and they'll treat you like a vip. and if you order a bottle of sake you dont have to finish it - they'll keep it at the restaurant for like two months and you can come back and drink it then!

whats hot right now: yakitori and being awesome!

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This must be a very nice restaurant. I'd love to taste their best selling dish. I never thought that Honda can also be used as a restaurant name. Cool.

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