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Monday, July 11, 2011

Donuttery - Huntington Beach, CA

not sure which came first between the donuttery and M & M donuts for the blueberry donut.

photo finish!
their blueberry donuts are very similar to M & M except for a couple things...

1. you can get them unglazed, glazed, or with vanilla icing. triple dopeness.
2. there is NO line. huge plus for the donuttery.
3. they don't come out piping hot. sadface.


they have awesome blueberry donuts (vanilla iced one shown below), the real awesomeness to get is..............

...the hot apple fritter. this right here, is the bizness.when it comes out it's hot, crispy, soft and moist, and fully awesome in a single bite.

when i take a bite, it makes me feel like this.

surf trampolining whilst shooting a paintball gun and holding a pinwheel

the very strange thing about this place is that they start making their donuts at 12 midnight. yeah.12 midnight. so weird.

so if you happen to be up around midnight driving around the huntington beach area, please give me a call as i'm always down to go. hahaa

TLDR version: great late night donuts spot for the apple fritter. opens at midnight.

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