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Friday, July 8, 2011

Anjin - Costa Mesa, CA

Anjin is a japanese bbq place in costa mesa across the street from mitsuwa. if u like tsuruhashi you'll like this place as well because they're very similar. why review a place just like another? because if one is good, more is better. have you ever heard someone say "no please, i already have too many ferraris" or a girl say "thats too many diamonds on my ring" - no. in the same way, you do not hear people saying "thats too much kobe beef goodness"

remember the drill? japanese bbq
1. order awesome meat
2. cook it perf
3. dip in sauce
4. enjoy
5. smell like awesome bbq meat

reasons you should not go to japanese bbq places:
1. you're scared around flames and make girly reactions
2. you dont like meat
3. you're stupid

whats good at anjins? beef yukke is good everywhere (not pictured) but they have this beef short rib soup that is tasty, a little spicy and a good start to the meal.

i love the pork cheek here. the slices are huge, and its just super tender and flavorful - its basically a must order and anjin. pork belly is good as well (remember pork belly is fancy for "bacon") if you dont like bacon please refer to reason #3 under reasons you should not go to a japanese bbq place.

kobe short ribs - to go to anjin and not order kobe short ribs would be like being lebron james. it'd be freaking stupid. dont be like lebron, just get it and be smart. and they give you corn here so if you love corn thats a huge plus.

outside skirt - its a great compliment to the short ribs. its a little firmer, but juicier. to not order this with the kobe short ribs would be like joining all your friends and playing in miami and then losing the championship - a complete waste of time.

whats not good at anjins?
dessert. the biggest rip off of all is the hollowed out fruit with sherbet that sells for a ridiculous $5 or something like that and you dont even get the fruit. no coconut milk like tsuru.

this place is open late (1 am) so its a good spot to chill. it can get really crowded during the day and also expensive, but the quality is awesome. closed for lunch - dinner only.

whats hot right now: pork cheek and dont be like lebron

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