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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pee Wee's - Huntington Beach, CA

i'm always looking for the nearest burger joint because nothing satisfies quite like a cheap, delicious burger.

i got some advice to go check out pee wee's which is right across the street from marina high school and i was definitely impressed with this solid burger joint in HB.

3 things i look for at burger spots

1. quality/size of burger - does it taste like mcdonalds? because if so im gonna go spend 39 cents and get mcdonalds. nope, it passed with flying colors. the burger itself was big and i barely finished it. thick patty, and fresh condiments, a thing of beauty. the group basically decided why go to islands, its the same size but cheaper.

2. price - cheap, $6.75 for most of the custom burgers and that was the most expensive

3. sides - how are the fries? onion rings? or my favorite - chili cheese fries? btw they have sweet potato tots! so we got tots and chili cheese fries (because i cant resist those). both were delicious.

im not saying drive from LA to get this, but if you're in oc and need a quick burger it hits the spot. just avoid lunch time and after school otherwise it'll be packed with high schoolers and you'll probably have to wait a while.

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