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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coco Ichibanya - Torrance, CA

coco ichibanya has my current favorite curry outside of japan. and well since it's originally from japan, i guess it's my favorite curry inside japan as well. haha

to start off, before you even get any curry, you can slap on a side salad and a soda for just $1.50 extra. nothing out of the ordinary here as lots of places give you this ability, but the really notable thing about this deal is the salad dressing.




it's the salad dressing in the orange bottle btw.

i've bought a couple bottles of this dressing it's that good.

the picture is actually an exaggeration. because i have more than in this re-enactment.

so onto their super excellent tonkatsu curry. it's got a lot of great flavor, decent spice and awesome consistency with the rice. it's even really great at the end of the meal with just the curry and rice when you've run out of meat to eat it with. and the tonkatsu is awesome too.

they have 10 levels of spice on their menu (10 being the spiciest) and they say you can't order anything past 5 until you've had at least a 5. be aware that levels 6-10 are basically levels 1-5 with pepper in them, so if can handle a 5, you can handle a 10. /epicletdown

so is their corokke. lightly fried. super moist. like me when i go to hawaii.

they have lots of other meats to go with your curry rice, so that's mos def a scratch mark in the pro column for this place.

unless you've found a better place for curry state side, please lemme know!

TLDR: fantastic japanese restaurant! fantasticer curry rice! fantasticist salad dressing!

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