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Monday, June 20, 2011

Top 11 Burgers

to give you a little something different than just restaurant reviews all day every day, i'd like to switch it up with something else:

here's my top 11 burgers of all time. you may disagree with some of these selections like any person would, but this is my recommendation on my favorite hamburgers.

1. burger bar - Burger Bar (Mandalay Bay) on Urbanspoon - las vegas, nv - the rossini - it's hard to compare burgers when it costs $60 and contains kobe beef, grilled foie gras and truffles. it's like pitting mike tyson in a fight against the pink ranger. but to get back a level playing field...

yeah, it's really hard to tell how great this burger is. man i need some photography lessons. sadface.

2. rustic canyon - santa monica, ca - niman burger - just read this review i already wrote here. no need to repeat myself.

3. 25 degrees - 25 Degrees on Urbanspoon - huntington beach, ca - #2 -this is one of my hidden gem spots for hamburgers. any of their burgers are dope, but the numero dos kills it. it's got roasted tomato, prosciutto, burrata and pesto. now i'm not a cheese person, but after visiting 25 degrees, there's so many different cheeses i want to try. hopefully this place doesn't become too popular. or not get enough business and close down....because i love this place.

4. father's office - Father's Office (Los Angeles) on Urbanspoon - culver city, ca - father's office burger - the consensus "best burger in la" barely breaks into my top 4. it's really really good though. it's like saying kareem abdul-jabbar barely breaks into the top 4 greatest nba players of all time behind michael jordan, magic johnson, and wilt chamberlain. the FO burger is the kareem of burgers. except the burger doesn't come dressed in weird native american clothing.

stylin and profilin

5. steingarten - los angeles, ca - golden prize burger - just reviewed this place and this burger AND YOUR FACE last week.

6. 26 beach - 26 Beach Restaurant on Urbanspoon - marina del rey, ca - california roll burger -









7. umami burger - Umami Burger on Urbanspoon - santa monica, ca - manly burger - beer-cheddar cheese, smoked-salt onion strings, and bacon lardons. all of their burgers are fantastical, but this one takes the cake for me. of these things along with their super juicy burger patty, please tell me one thing not to love? maybe the fact that you only get one.

8. kua'aina - Kua Aina on Urbanspoon - honolulu, hawaii - bacon avocado burger - maybe because in hawaii, i'm always out doing something like hiking, surfing, atv riding, jumping off rocks, or jumping into death, this burger might just taste more awesome because of all the exercise i'm getting before eating. regardless, it's awesome and they give you a very large carrot. very random.

below is a picture of the burger. but first, here is a picture of me photo-bombing a very nice picture of my married friends.

how nice of me, huh? hahahahahaha

9. the habit - The Habit Burger Grill on Urbanspoon - california - charburger with cheese -  a very very very solid burger. ingredients taste super fresh, it's got a nice char to it and tastes how a very well made burger should be made. if that's makes any sense.

10. apple pan - Apple Pan on Urbanspoon - culvery city, ca - hickory burger - apple pan has got a great old school feel to it. although it's not the biggest burger, it just really hits the spot. although the apple pie here is fantastic, the hickory burger is amazing. just make sure you're ready to be a burger vulture here.

11. in n out - In-N-Out Burger on Urbanspoon - california, nevada....and now texas! - double double animal style fried mustard no tomato grilled whole onion - i've had lots of this exact burger over the years and it's still phenomenal. that's how i know it deserves to be in this list. there's not a lot of the exact same food i've had over and over for over ten years and still love. other foods that go in this same category include:
  • bacon wrapped scallops anywhere
  • portillo's combination sandwich
  • sour cream and onion pringles
  • cheese toast from sizzler
  • strawberry lemonade nerds
  • churros from disneyland
  • mcdonalds fries
  • mcdonalds chicken mcnuggets
  • mcdonalds egg mcmuffin
  • everything else at mcdonalds

honorable mention: NONE! that would make this a top 12 list then!!!! 

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