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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Britt's BBQ - El Segundo, CA

reason #1 of why britt's is awesome: i've gotten a variety of their bbq plates, but what i'd really suggest is their triple slider combo. and you wouldn't know it, but their best one is the pulled chicken slider. i always think chicken is just ok and i'd typically go with tri-tip or brisket, but no nonononononono....pulled chicken.

reason #2 of why britt's is awesome: they give you free food. not just free food, but GOOD free food. they give you an appetizer of this thing they call meat candy which is just marinated bits of pork which starts off your adventure at britt's on the right foot. at the end they give you these little powdered sugar cream puffs. it's like eating pillows. literally.

reason #3 of why britt's is awesome: now service isn't usually something high on my priority list, but since they're relatively small, food comes out with the quickness. always dope when you're perpetually hungry, like me.

TLDR version: pulled chicken sandwiches FTW

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