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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mendocino Farms - Marina Del Rey, CA

i love mendecino farms. everything about it. well, at least everything i've tried. here are the noteworthies...

soda - i know what you're thinking. SODA?!?!!? REALLY?!!?!?!? SODAAAAAAAAA?!?!?!? yes, 99.8% of the time, soda isn't really noteworthy, but here is your 0.2% exception for a place having awesome soda. i'd recommend mixing the black cherry soda with cola. stupid good.

kurobuta banh mi - (japanese black pig vietnamese sandwich) honestly fantasmic. it's way more expensive than any banh mi you'd get in little saigon, but you have a way lower chance at getting in a fight. WHOAAAAAAAAAAAA

french onion sandwich - it tastes exactly like a bowl of french onion soup! sure maybe you can get a bowl of french onion soup for about a third of the cost, but why not just be fun and get something you probably can't find many other places.

peanut butter + bacon sandwich - i think this is their take on a pb&j because it's filled with their homemade peanut butter, apple slices, bananas (maybe their take on jelly?).....and huge chunks of bacon. this is reason #95,116,320 that proves bacon makes everything better.

happiest worker ever - when you're waiting for your food, the HAPPIEST worker of all time will ask you if you'd like a free sample of one of their salads. i'm personally not a fan of their salads, but it's pretty hilarious because she is so happy. she may not be there all the time, but the three times i've been there she was working. i'm not sure if they go through happiness training to work there, but honestly everyone who works is on average three to four times happier than the average person.

TLDR version: great quirky place to get sandwiches you've never had before

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