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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fukada - Irvine, CA

this is the best value for japanese food in orange county.

hands down.

can you tell me where you can get a noodle bowl (udon, soba or somen) PLUS rice bowl (katsu, chicken + egg, eel, spicy tuna, tempura, eggy tempura, plus i know a bunch more stuff i'm forgetting) for approximately ten bucks that's actually really good food? i mean really good. no. stop trying to think of a place and just keep reading.

oh! i would highly highly HIGHLY recommend the salmon belly. OH! and the brown rice. i hate brown rice, but for some reason, this is one of the only two places in the universe where i've enjoyed their brown rice

don't try and tell me yoshinoya is as good or good at all unless this is your face.

please answer these below questions
  • do you like japanese food?
  • do you feel like certain restaurants are hiking up prices on food and would like to find something a bit more reasonable?
  • do you often times like going to a quick, casual restaurant?
  • do you like food made from scratch?
  • do you like japanese noodles beyond ramen?
if you answered yes to any of these questions, fukada is the place you need to go.

one last OH!!! and get the ICED green tea. here's the process of making the tea to me below

TLDR version: best bang for your buck non-ramen japanese noodles in orange county

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