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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Musha - Torrance, CA

musha is everything that is awesome about japanese food right now. musha takes japanese food, which we all know is the best food on the planet and then somehow puts their own twist on it and makes it exponentially better. it's know how when you watch basketball you see blake griffin and you know he makes the nba so much better. so yeah. that's what musha does for japanese food for me. i don't really know any other place that does stuff like this and there's no other person in the nba what blake griffin does.

let me just point out a couple of the noteworthinesses (noteworthiness'? noteworthinessi? noteworthinessesies?) on musha's menu...

cheese risotto - risotto is good. but when it becomes mixed with cheese and bacon thrown in can that not be good?!? but i'm not even done! it comes in a huge block of cheese!!! COME ON!!!! it's like's an ice cream sundae. let's put some oreo crumble, peanut butter and strawberries on top. but oh wait, let's deep fry the whole thing in pancake batter and throw some sprinkled sugar on top.'s kinda crazy how it escalates to pure delicious.

MFC - it stands for musha's fried chicken which isn't the most mind blowing piece of fried chicken i've ever had, but it is very very good. it's almost as good as extra crispy recipe at KFC. almost. sadface.

seared mackerel - i love mackerel. i know i will get clowned on because mackerel is one of the cheapest fish and used for bait to catch other fish...but it's awesome. you're not going to hate on chicken mcnuggets just because they're cheap, right?! same with mackerel. what makes an additional awesomeness to this plate is that there's a little table show. no, not strippers....but that would be awesome. i won't spoil what it is, but you should order it because not only is mackerel awesome, but musha does it awesome here

ebi mayo mayo - i love mayo. i know some people might think it's gross, but mayo is awesome. i love ham and mayo sandwiches, deviled eggs, any jack in the box breakfast sandwich, may on ghetto dogs outside of staples plus countless others. so when you put fried shrimp on a plate with not just one helping of mayo, but two?!?!?!? sold.

maguro yukke - i don't know why, but these japanese people have mastered making raw proteins delicious. so they basically take raw tuna (which you may think is just tuna sashimi....BUT SHUT UP FOR NOW!) and throw a raw egg in it, mix some diced apples and man oh just gotta try it for yourself.

i'm probably gonna go there this week. again. and i would watch blake....if the clippers were good enough to make it in the nba playoffs. so i will leave you with this, which saves you all the pain of actual clippers games and leaves you with the best parts.

TLDR version: kinda on the pricey side....but well worth it! try the risotto!

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