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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Torihei - Torrance, CA

torihei is a diamond in a field of diamonds of japanese restaurants in torrance. what sets itself apart from other awesome japanese restaurants in this area is that it will freaking explode your mind and then implode it back in.

what's cool about this place is it's great for any occasion. whether it's: 
  • coworker get together
  • late night meal after basketball
  • on a date
  • just to grab some light bites and drinks 
  • a birthday
  • to invite me and pay for me
  • to find me spending my time on a wednesday
  • if you dress up like this and want to go to a real japanese place

but yes, not only is it great for any occasion, the food is even more awesome than that.

and now........



marinated lightly seared steak
marinated short ribs
chicken meatball skewers
deep fried chicken gizzard
pork belly skewers
miso marinated yellowtail collar
the best thing they have there, they ran out of by the time me and my friend rolled up. i was pretty sad about that. and that is the chicken skin. since i didn't get to take a picture of it, here is an artist interpretation of it. to give a reference point of how good it is, think of kfc's original recipe skin and how good that is. now multiply that be 84x. that's how good torihei's chicken skin is.

TLDR: awesome izakaya with dishes you can't get at most places.

Torihei on Urbanspoon

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