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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Texas Roadhouse - St. George, Utah

i have found my new standard for ribs. im not going to say they're the best, because i havent taken a road trip through the south where im guessing thats where the best is. but if one restaurant has me searching around the oc for ribs because im craving them from this place, im guessing they're pretty good.

what was i doing in st george utah? i know its probably like the 40th most random state i could be in. this. next question.

texas roadhouse is a bbq/steakhouse type restaurant. affordable, good sized portions, and huge margaritas. you walk in the door and you can feast on peanuts and throw them on the ground. is this a southern thing? ive been to a few southern type restaurants and they all have this. once you get to the table they have fresh, oven-hot bread rolls with apple butter. two free things and we havent even gotten started yet. seriously, if i were homeless, i would simply eat peanuts, get seated, grab some bread and peace out.

for those of you who arent homeless, the menu isnt extremely large but there are many options. we started off with the baby blossom (the awesome blossom's baby cousin) and it was still awesome. and we had some margaritas that are like 16-20 ounces or something ridiculous like that.

at dinner, you have your choice of steaks, prime rib, ribs, chicken, and some seafood. if i go back to this restaurant im getting a full slab of ribs no questions asked. they are literally fall off the bone, i went to cut my ribs, into individual ribs, and the meat slid off. i wasnt even trying to separate it from the bone at that point but the rib itself knew what i was trying to do and decided to help me out. dredged in sauce, super tender, super delicious. however, i ended up getting the ribeye and ribs combo - i love ribeye, but the ribeye isnt going to beat out any real steakhouse like flemings or ruth's chris, its a solid piece of meat, but id save the stomach for as many ribs and you can. like i said, the steaks are solid, and you can get onions and gravy on them if you prefer.

lets say you go out with a girl, have the best time, and you go home and you cant stop thinking about her. all you want to do is see her again, spend more time with her. you are smitten for this girl. well i am smitten for these ribs. im running around oc trying to find something comparable. suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

have you tried the tulsa rib company in orange? it's probably not as good as this place, but it beats having to go to utah.

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