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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bruxie - Orange, CA

i love sandwiches. well love is an understatement. i lust after them. i will sometimes dream about sandwiches. i'll even write songs about them. sometimes i go on facebook just to see if they have any new sexy pictures so i can 'like' them.

when i was younger, i would go to togos religiously. when subway started the $5 foot longs i would go about 4 to 14 times a week.

i also love breakfast. compared to me, ron swanson only mildly likes breakfast foods. i draw pictures of me loving breakfast foods. here's a couple of them.

so naturally bruxie was a perfect marraige of awesomeness for me.

i love everything about bruxie. the quaintness of an outdoor dining only patio, the seasonal dishes, the savory and sweet combinations, and the overall deliciousness of their waffles makes for an awesome experience in the already awesome old town orange.

homemade strawberry lemonade
strawberry cheesecake waffle sandwich. hard to tell from here, but there's also graham cracker bits sprinkled in. 

homemade corn beef hash and egg sandwich. their homemade corn beef hash is a mix of prosciutto and pastrami.

and here is my thought process of going back to bruxie anytime i drive down to oc

Bruxie on Urbanspoon

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