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Friday, September 16, 2011

Pike Place Chowder - Seattle, WA

get ready for the most intense review of pike place chowder.

are you looking for an awesome bowl of clam chowder? then look no freaking further. this place has got you covered. do you like a rich creamy broth? yeah, pike place chowder has got it. you want large chunks of delicious clams? OH YEAH, this dish might as well be called ridiculously awesome clams with a small side of chowder there's so many clams in here. do you like potatoes? yeah, they got em in here. do you not like potatoes? well, the great thing is, there's not TOO MANY POTATOES, so they got you covered.

get you some clam, seafood, or scallop chowder.  

do you like eating your clam chowder with as much bread as you like? well that's rad, because they have all you can eat bread for you to grab right where the napkins and spoons are. who does that? NOBODY i tell ya. nobody. don't like bread? then stay on your atkin's diet and leave for those that understand that clam chowder ain't healthy neither.

do you not like clam chowder? man, it's covered. they got one of the greatest crab rolls of all time. that mess will make you think you've died and gone to crab heaven. it's like a crab volcano. scratch that. it's like a crab ocean. EFF THAT. it's like a crab planet there's so much crab in there.

beverages you ask? get the most spanktastic lemonade you've ever had. HOMEMADE SON! brewed by hand fresh every day. this mess is so fresh you will think pike place chowder created that game -  lemonade tycoon. recycling? YOU BET YOUR VITAMIN D DEFICIENT ASS THEY DO! this ain't los angeles! seattle is trying to keep this earth clean!

do you prefer to eat indoors or outdoors? WHO THE EFF CARES BECAUSE PIKES PLACE CHOWDER HAS ALL OF IT!!!! you can eat however and wherever you like. sitting, standing, indoors, outdoors, squatting, walking, on the ground whatever your heart desires that day, you can do it. they got four effing walls for you to stay inside, plus plenty of ridiculous outdoor seating for your heart's content.

want to quote the simpsons episode where the french guy pronounces it shoooooowdeeeeh? i'll be right there with you yelling.....SAY IT RIGHT!!!!! IT'S CHOWDAH!

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