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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ludo Bites 007 - Los Angeles, CA

ludo bites 007 could be the best meal i've ever had in my life. 

i've been trying to go to a ludo bites experience since version 4, and i'm overjoyed i finally got to go. since they serve everything in small tapas style dishes, me and a friend tried to get one of everything on the menu. while we didn't succeed in getting quite everything (missed like 2 dishes), everything was a hit. not even one airball with the dishes.

everything was perfect. from the flavors, to the variety, to the combination of ingredients, to sauces, to proteins, to the fact that everything was exceptionally cooked, to how awesome i am.

from watching ludo on top chef masters and on his sundance show, i was expecting ludo to be like this.

but it was more like this.

which made me feel like this.



lavender ginger lemonade. what's insane about this drink is you can taste all three components and they taste awesome. even the ginger. and i hate ginger.

marsala fried chicken wings. awesome that they bring out gloves so nothing gets messy.

choucroute tart flambee. yeah, no idea what that meant on the menu either, but it's a really crispy flatbread with prosciutto, onions and unicorn dandruff on top.

shrimp, scallop, and aji ceviche with mixed berries. what whaaaaaaat.

and jalapenos for some kick?!?!? awesome.

oxtail beef, rainbow carrots, shallots, and green salad. one of the most perfect dishes i've ever had. EVER. let's take a closer look shall we.


and closer.
and closer.
egg, sea urchin, caviar, and champagne beurre blanc. definitely a dish that needed to be shared. super rich and flavorful. 

octopus, yogurt, cauliflower, grapefruit. you know a dish is awesome when they serve something delicious that you normally hate. in this case, cauliflower.

duck, cherry, spicy saucisse, beets, radish

the duck was served two ways - in sausage form and seared. both magically delicious.

and the best dish of the night - fois gras with corn served 4 ways (baby corn, popcorn, creamed corn, corn husk greens)
it's hard to describe how really awesome this dish is, but it's like if you mixed up butter, fat, bone marrow, and cooked in on a pan to give it a light crunch......and then multiply the flavor times 48 and you'll get a small indication of how good this dish is.
TLDR: greatest meal i've had to date.

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KrisDub said...

Unicorn dandruff. Awesome! We've been calling it unicorn meat for awhile. Because it's magical.

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