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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Las Golondrinas - Laguna Niguel, CA

apologies about no updates for like three weeks. work has been's stressful and a tough life playing games.

one of the places i went to was san diego for comic con and on the way back up to la, i had to stop at one of my favorite places in orange county - las golondrinas.

so, there's four chains of mexican fast food in orange county:
  • taco bell
  • del taco
  • alberto's/alerto's/albertaco's/alberta's/filiberto's/albatros/anything else with al or erto's.
  • las golondrinas
las golondrinas is the hidden gem of mexican fast food in orange county. everyone knows of the other three mexican chains, but this place has two really great things that no other mexican place has.

1. machaca burrito - it's shredded pork, egg, and onions all wrapped in a tortilla. and i'm not really sure why no place has been able to do it nearly as good?

how could you not love it?!? unless this is your face.

2. buñuelos - i think traditionally buñuelos are some sort of mexican donut hole kinda things, but the way las golondrinas makes them are these crispy cinnamon and sugar coated chips. they are crazy good. because a) who doesn't like chips?!?!!? and b) who doesn't like sugar and cinnamon?!?!?

how could you not love it?!? unless this is you.

and IF this is you, i've had enough of you people at comic con. you can go back inside your hole and read comics for the next 364 days. i will be enjoying life.

TLDR: ridankulous orange county mexican food and best machaca ever.

Las Golondrinas Mexican Food on Urbanspoon

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