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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Capital Grille - Costa Mesa, CA

the generous pour at the capital grille is the shiznit. it's basically all you can drink wine for $25. not only that, but all the wines have been handpicked and paired with MASTER sommelier george miliotes. i'm not super into wine, but i guess there's only like ten of these kind of guys in the world. almost as rare as one of the below

but yes, you read that right. if you want to drink wine and a lot of it for not too much cashola, come to the capital grille for the generous pour in costa mesa BEFORE 9/4/11 and drink away for only $25. so you got about 3+ weeks to take advantage. 

it's not just generous. it's beyond generous. let's compare.

again, since i'm not all that into wine, let's get onto the food i had there...

prosciutto and cantaloupe. i always heard this was a classy pair, but this is the first time i've had it. i did feel like i had a touch more class while eating it. it was a bit odd at first, but it was awesome. 

next up was the smoked salmon with white stuff and green stuff on top of crunchy brown stuff. very fancy food that was very average. 

so let's go to the real food. the kona crusted sirloin they served was RIDICULOUS. like "melt in your mouth, a butter knife will slice right through this piece of meat, you're missing out on life if you don't try this sirloin" ridiculous.

and if that wasn't enough, the sawce they drench it in amplifies the awesomeness of this already delicious sirloin.

if i had the recipe, i would slang this over to the canadians at epic meal time for them to add to their bacon seasoned creations.

wait....screw that, i would keep that mess for myself and put it on top of everything from meats to poultry to seafood to my car freshener so i could always smell this stuff.

next up were the miniature lamp lollipops. i must've eaten like four of these. there wasn't any sauce to go along with it, but it didn't need any because it was so good.

and lastly, for dessert i had a........couple tenderloin sliders. they had actual dessert stuff, but this was the perfect way to finish off the meal...along with another lamb lollipop. and another piece of kona crusted sirloin.

so if you like wine, you're in luck. or if you like good food, you're also in luck. if you don't like either, this must be you.

TLDR: $25 - AYCD wine at the generous pour until sept 4. awesome steakhouse regardless.

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